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Have you ever thought that you just need more of God? I've thought it many times myself. So I usually try reading my Bible "more" or spending "more time alone" with God. Don't get me wrong, those are good things to do, but I've discovered, they are not the only ways to hear from and know God "more."

God exists in relationship. He is all about relationship with his creation, his people. So if we want to know God "more," if we want to understand His character and nature in a "more meaningful way," we need to be in relationship not only with Him, but also with His people; and not just Christians either.

YWAM Organic is a place where you can see some of the amazing things God is doing with and through very average people; people like you and me. Some are stuck in thinking that they have to have "more faith" to be involved in Kingdom work. Don't wait to become a "spiritual giant" before getting involved, because while God does use spiritual giants from time to time, more often He uses average people. It's easier to relate to average people. And it's in allowing Him to use you in those relationships with others, that they and you will know Him "more."

This website is the product of almost two years of planning and prayer. Our goal is to inspire you to pray, give and even go and be part of what God is doing throughout the world. Our message is that you are already qualified to be His ambassador, and that He wants to share Himself with you as much as He wants to share Himself with others through you.

If you see a ministry you would like to support, click "donate" in the links section of the sidebar. If you want more information, feel free to contact me...

Welcome to YWAM Organic

Jon Matas
Youth With A Mission

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Posted: 06/07/2017 05:29pm
By: Mary Ann Baker
I am an ex-YWAMer... did my DTS in 1985... served in several YWAM bases in Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand; have never heard of YWAMorganic before. Would like to know more about what you lovely people do. How can I help?

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