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I am a full-time worker with Youth With A Mission. I have been on staff since 1984. But that is not what makes me a missionary. What makes me a missionary is the fact that I serve God with my whole heart. Not Perfectly, not always in a mature and responsible and spiritual manner... Just ask my wife! But always with my whole heart.

Maybe you are a businessman or maybe you're a business woman. Maybe your career involves travel. Maybe next month you are going on a business trip to Thailand or Australia or Africa or Europe….or perhaps you're going to the darkest region of the earth, Los Angeles, California. Or maybe you don't travel at all. Here's a challenge. Find out where the nearest YWAM base is to the country or state or city where you work or are travelling to. There may be one near where you are right now. Give them a call and ask if you can come by for a visit just to see what they do. You might find a project or ministry going on that you can help with either long term or short. It could be an AIDS orphanage or a street kid ministry; an after school youth program or tutoring class. You don't have to join YWAM! You don't have to drop your business or your career to "become" a missionary. Maybe you serve God with your whole heart. Maybe you don't... but you want to. You're already a Missionary. And you just might be that person a ministry and God are looking for to take them and you to the next level. Think about it!

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Posted: 01/02/2011 04:04am
By: Lydia
Great article! Truth spoken in writing!

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