by Peter Jordan

"What'll we do with them? There's no room at the inn!" sighed Darlene Cunningham, co-founder of YWAM.

Soon after our family of six excitedly stepped off the airplane and into our first-ever missions experience, Darlene met with us. In her confident and engaging manner, wearing her flashingly radiant smile, she wanted to discuss our housing. Or, as we soon learned, "our non-housing."

Darlene, in her confident and positive manner startled us by saying, "We've been praying that you would not come (What? Alarm bells clanging in our ears!) unless . . . you have God's grace for what I'm about to tell you.

"There is no housing. What we had planned has not worked out, so we've got some old army tents for you and others to live in for the next few months."


I sometimes wonder about the Bethlehem innkeeper who apparently didn't have room for Joseph & Mary; did he even offer them the stable? Or did he gruffly and inhospitably turn them away without an option? Were the young couple just retrieving their donkey in the stable when the baby suddenly came? This much we do know, when all that happened, grace abounded.

And what if there had been room at the inn? Probably, a bunch of noisy, grubby, smelly, uncouth shepherds would not have been allowed inside the inn. They would have been denied first view' of the Savior, and would not have broadcast the good news as they did.

But grace was written all over that story in the stable.

Do you have grace when things turn bad, when events don't go your way? Grace is always available; often you and I need the humility to gracefully accept decisions by those in authority; especially decisions that appear to be unjust, unfair or plain wrong.

For grace to kick in, humility opens the door. May that Christmas Grace be yours,

Peter Jordan

Peter & Donna Jordan, along with the YWAM Associates Team, live in the prairie city of Medicine Hat, Alberta,Canada. They have been in YWAM since 1976 and try to give leadership to the rapidly expanding ministry of encouragement directed toward the approximately 3,000,000 people who have served in YWAM, long or short term. They have four children (two in YWAM) and nine grandchildren.

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Posted: 01/15/2014 06:58pm
By: Kathi Cohen
Grace really does mean God can and does work through decisions we think have been made in unfair or harmful ways. At the end of the day, my way is no better than that of another person. Often in looking back on difficult relational matters I have been grateful that God\'s grace meant things WEREN\'T done my way as I have been wrong on more than one occasion!

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