The Waiting World - Madurese

Forgiveness is not a concept the Madurese of Indonesia are familiar with. Since there are only around 500 known christians among the 13 million of this people group, there is a great need for missionaries to tell them about the forgiveness of Jesus.

Duration 05:06 : : Published 2011-04-15


Posted: 05/26/2011 05:17pm
By: Belinda Fronteras
Interesting to see the video I commissioned adapted for use on your site. A few corrections: (1) They are Madurese (MAH-dur-ees or Mah-DUR-ah people, not MAD-er-ees). (2) A heavily-flawed translation of the Bible was published in 1994. Sadly, it was not field-tested before publication and hundreds of unused copies sit in a warehouse. Translation efforts are underway by professionals. (3) Finally, rather than praying for protection of the believers, may I ask that you pray for boldness for them instead? There is a marvelous ability for on-fire believers among this people to win others. Thank you! Belinda, Strategy Coordinator for the Madurese (1999-2008)

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