YWAM Argentina

YWAM Argentina has a strong social focus in our activities, focusing on restoring the integrity of men and women, with an emphasis towards recognizing their identity, in God and the capacity that He has given each one, to help them achieve their best emotionally, physically, morally, socially, and economically.

Duration 05:41 : : Published 2012-06-04

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Posted: 06/20/2012 11:56am
By: Marisol
I saw the new video about Agrentina! my country! it is fantastic that group of young people! they do a lot of activities, and I like it all of them: art, fashion design, education, etc. They are in Corrientes.... But I read their web site and it said that there are twelve sites in Argentina from YWAM, and one of them is in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires). I really like all YWAM do for people to spread the love of God! It is wonderful. I have participed in a christian community for many years. And I studied christian leadership, so I helped in prayer groups, and I gave seminars about christian leadership with others young people. The last video is nice, I am one of those who had an image of the missionaries... So now I am happy because I know that it isn´t neccesary to be an extraordinary person to be a missionary, because is about spread the Word of God, and follow Him. Thanks! Greetings from Argentina! Marisol

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