to begin your journey

is to take the first step

Get up and Walk

Last year, we had outreach to a refugee camp. Someone came to me saying a Muslim man, the only teacher in the camp, needed healing. I and my team went in. We met him. He was sitting along with his four wives. He could not stand. He could not use his legs. The Lord told me that the problem was demonic, that is why he cannot use his legs. I told everyone there, "I will pray for him. He WILL get up. He will go around showing what Jesus can do." In obedience to the Holy Spirit, I commanded him, "Get up and walk." I did. He suddenly jumped up! With shock in his eyes, the man told me, "It was like chains were wrapped around my legs. Now the chains are gone." All his household came to Jesus. I heard later a church formed and over 300 are now followers of Jesus. This year we helped them to extend the building where the believers gather in the camp. God led me to offer him prayer! The Almighty One answered. Now there are hundreds of disciples.

Healing in Prison

When I was imprisoned for fifty days in Sudan it was very dark. God gave me ability and strength I have never experienced before. I was constantly encouraging people. I prayed for guards and inmates if they were sick. We all had to drink dirty water with worms visible, the same water that was used for the toilet. Nothing happened to me, I stayed healthy. No doctors there. For the sick, it was either healing or death. Over a period of thirty-six days, I would pray daily for everyone who asked. Two or three people a day, I prayed. All were healed!

"What kind of magic is this?" they would ask me. "It is Jesus (Isa) healing you, not me." I gained a good reputation with them all. Six people came to Jesus. One of them is an Imam. Kris was grateful that God used him to heal the sick and lead people to Jesus. Not only that, he was grateful he could suffer for the Gospel. He told me, "Persecution comes for a good reason."

The Fastest Growing Church in the World

There are two distinct Irans. The leaders, and the people. And among the people, is the fastest growing church in the world. The Holy Spirit is moving among the people in a powerful way, building His church through what is called the Discipleship Making Movement. There are no buildings, no property, no leadership. It is strictly God's people, sharing with one another, growing the church, and spreading throughout the country of Iran. Estimates are that there are now close to one million Christians in Iran and it is doubling at a rate of every five years. And these are all Muslim Background Believers, MBBs. People are calling this the Iran awakening. The word coming out of Iran is that the Mosques are empty in Iran. God is moving powerfully in Iran.