NEW RELEASE: Somewhere in the Middle East

Somewhere in the Middle East, women and girls who have been trafficked are finding Jesus.

NEW RELEASE: A Wind in the House of Islam

Dr. David Garrison discusses an unprecedented movement of Muslims to Christ in the past 30 years.

YWAM San Francisco

YWAM San Francisco is perhaps one of our best examples of a ministry reaching into the community where they live with the Gospel of Jesus.

The Christendom Church in a Post Christendom Era

For hundreds of years the Church was central to Western Culture and Society. But is that still true today?

Come With Us

86% of all Evangelical efforts go to the already reached regions and people of the world. We can do better. Come with us and meet the least reached. Those who have yet to hear the Gospel even for the first time.

Finish the Race

The Finish line is in view and yet there is still so much to do. Go, and Make Disciples.

The Organic Bookshelf - Training for Trainers

Ying Kai talks about his latest book on training leaders for Church planting.

The Nations are Coming to Us

Go into an immigrant neighborhood in your own cities and you might think you are in a foreign Country. As it gets harder to move overseas to reach the least reached, it seems God is bringing the least reached to our doorstep.

Reach One Touch One Ministries

Reach One Touch One Ministries was founded by a Ugandan who believes it is the Churches responsibility and opportunity to care for that countries widows, orphans, and the elderly.

Islam and the Geopolitics of the Middle East

This is a seminary level course that exposes the various beliefs within Islam and its impact in the middle east. The series will premiere on YouTube in June and is free for those wanting to understand the Muslim worldview. But be warned. It may challenge what you think you know about Islam. .

Journey for Change - Nancy's story

Each year Reach One Touch One invites anyone to travel with them to see first hand how their support helps the elderly of Uganda.(Scroll down for more stories.)

God is Bringing the Nations

Brad and his wife discover that God didn't have to send them overseas to reach the least reached. (Scroll down for more stories)

Refugees in Europe

An Iranian refugee in Holland finds Christ and changes a whole community.

New Pioneer Areas for Frontier Missions

You might think we have reached into the majority of the world with the Gospel. The truth is we've barely scratched the surface.

YWAM Chicago. Reaching the Least Reached

One does not have to travel far to find some of the least reached people groups of the world.

Invisible Heroes - Sarah's Story

There are many opportunities to volunteer short term or long among the refugees of the world. Here is the story of one woman who has left the comforts of home and has changed her life in the proces.

Let's Finish The Task

Missions is not an obligation. It's a privilege that will change your life forever and ruin you for the ordinary. Go!

YWAM Lebanon

1 in 3 residents of Lebanon arent even Lebanese. They are refugees of war from other countries. YWAM Lebanon is reaching into these communities with the Gospel. (Scroll down for more stories)

Kairos - God's Appointed Time to Act

China has the groundwork laid for the Gospel to sweep across like never before. China is ready. God is ready. Are you?


If Jews, Palestinian Muslims and Christians can find common ground and love each other, can we?

NEW RELEASE: Bethany Village Widow's Ministry

Thousands of widows in Kenya have no homes and cannot send their kids to school. But someone has stepped in to help.

NEW RELEASE: Bethany Village Children's Orphanage

Tribal warfare has resulted in thousands of children with nowhere to live and no school to go to. But someone is there to take them in.

NEW RELEASE: New Vision School

Under priveleged children in Tanzania and Kenya are given an opportunity for education, food security, and protection, that is not readily available to most.


Jaipur, India was once a city of Kings. Today it is has only a 0.25% Christian presence. People are in bondage and looking for truth and peace. Here is an opportunity to join YWAM in Jaipur to reach the least reached.

NEW RELEASE: The Organic Bookshelf-"Made to Love"

What is the role of the Church in today's culture? Are we fulfilling our purpose, or have we been distracted? Geoff Peters examines these questions.

NEW RELEASE: Sinners or Saints?

It's easy to become overly focused on being right with God. But is that what he calls us to?

NEW RELEASE: New Vision Sports Club

Soccer is a key tool for influencing positive life skills for young boys in Tanzania.


Tumaini is a Swahili word that means "Hope". It's also the name of a childrens home in Tanzania. Meet the children of Tumaini who have been given a new life.

Invisible Heroes - Helena

Helena is an invisible hero who helps coordinate workers working among refugees on the island of Lesvos in Greece. An ordinary person doing extraordinary things that matter.

NEW RELEASE: Samaritan Village - Tanzania

Samaritan Village is a children's home in Arusha, Tanzania that gives life back to children who have been abandoned. They need your help.

NEW RELEASE: Feeding the Hungry

Here is an opportunity this holiday season to participate in feeding the hungry.

An Interview with Don McCurry

Jeff Neely, of Vision 5:9 talks to Don McCurry about the beginnings of his work in the Muslim world.

Living Incarnationally

When we say we are living incarnationally, what do we mean? We want to reach the nations but how are we doing that? What is our impact on our cities, our neighborhoods, the people around us?

NEW RELEASE: The Maasai of Tanzania - Reaching the Least of These

School attendance is one way to protect 13 and 14 year old girls from being forced into childhood marriage and teenage motherhood.

Living and Loving Locally

When we open our doors, the mission field is right there on our street.

NEW RELEASE: Stories from the Good Ole Days

Sometimes God works good through someone we never thought He would want to use. Sometimes that person is us.

Our Post Secular Cities

Despite what we have been lead to believe, most Arabic immigrants coming to our shores are Christian, not Muslim. So how should we reach out to our immigrant populations?

The Organic Bookshelf - River People

Kent and Josephine Truehl talk about their work in the Amazon.

Immigrants - Ripe for Harvest

Because immigrants from closed countries are coming to our countries, sharing the Gospel with them is easier than ever.

Reach One Touch One Ministries

64% of the Ugandan elderly live on less than U$1.00 per day. ROTOM reaches into this poverty stricken community to help provide for their needs.

An Open Door

For centuries we have sent our very best to the ends of the earth. Today the ends of the earth are sending their very best to us.

Journey for Change-Ginnie

Ginnie is a returning participant of the Journey for Change Oportunities with Reach One Touch One Ministries. She discusses how her involvement has changed her perspectives on life.

In My Neighborhood

When Tiffany was called to the nations, she discovered the nations lived in her own neighborhood.